Better go with Igogo. You transfers all over the Cyprus. Do you like Cyprus? Sure you love it. You starting love it immediately you have arrived. The only problem you may face here is transport. You are on vacation, on business, never mind... «…»
Remember it's an Island. Here the nature is living in all its beauty and origin. You will not find here trains, a lot of buses, the traffic is very low. But wait ... You need to get to your destination somehow, you need your transfer from Larnaca!!! You have no intention to live in Larnaca airport... Even its very pleasant and comfortable. So... What to do? Check bus station? Do you remember where it is?
Mmmmm... Maybe taxi... Yes maybe. Do you know what to say, do you know how to find good driver? But you need this transfer from Larnaca airport. You definitely need it. Any ideas? No? Ok. Here is short instruction - download Igogo app from apple store or google play. Don't worry it's free. Enter the app. See? It's In your own language! Surprised ? Yes it works in languages. Already feel comfortable? It's only the very beginning. Short verification and you can order your transfer from Larnaca to Limassol, Paphos , Nicosia, Ayia Napa. All transfers from Larnaca airport may be booked preliminary or you may ask it immediately after arrival. Igogo are the system that connect you to licensed drivers all over the Cyprus. It will find the closest to you and inform them that you need a taxi. What required from you - just wait few minutes for notification and get the information on the car, driver and contact phone number. You quit zone of free wi-fi? Don't worry, we will notify you by sms.

But that's not all...if you will need taxi to go to any place in Cyprus you should keep on going with Igogo! Why? Because the system will find you anywhere and you don't need to call the driver (if you have any) and explain where you are, you don't need to look through the nameplates on the building ( actually maybe you will not find it at all). Don't waist your time, push the button and wait for your taxi. It's already on the way. Want to see how much your trip would cost - no problem. Put the final destination and you will see approximate costs. What you should pay to Igogo? Nothing. Really, nothing at all. Every taxi driver has official tax meter and you should pay only for your trip and only to taxi driver. Oops, sorry you have to go, your taxi arrived. Yes, it's fast...but we would be glad to see you next time using Igogo. Try, enjoy, tell your friends...